​​​​​SPEECH by H.E. Pham Vinh Quang,

Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary

at the 73rd Anniversary of National Day of Viet Nam

(Jakarta, 4/9/2018)


H. E. Mr. Thomas Trikasih Lembong, Chairman of the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia,

Excellences, Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is indeed my privilege to welcome you all this evening to celebrate our 73rd Anniversary of National Day. On these happy days, we always extend to each other warm greetings and let me on this occasion also congratulate Indonesian people for the success of hosting the 18th Asian Games, which concluded two days ago with outstanding achievements of contingents not only from Indonesia but also from many other countries, including Viet Nam.

Excellences, Ladies and gentlemen,

1. 73 years ago, President Ho Chi Minh declared the independent of Viet Nam. Over 73 years of building, reconstruction and development, especially after 32 years of Doi Moi/Renovation, Viet Nam has gained great achievements in economic development with high and stable growth rate of 7%in the period from 1991 to 2015. In 2017, Viet Nam's economy reached an impressive growth rate 6.8%, the highest since 2010; realized capital of FDI reached 17.5 billion US dollars, up 10.8%; the export turnover reached 214 billions US dollars, up 21%. The economy has had a switch transformation of economic structure with the industrial and service sectors accounting for over 80% of the country GDP, which has enabled Vietnam to advance steadily on the path of industrialization, modernization and extensive international integration. The Government of Viet Nam has also transformed itself into a "Tectonic Government" with integrity and priority of serving the people and businesses, through creation of legal framework, institutions and conditions favorable for investment and development.

Viet Nam with its world's 14th largest market, population ofover 90 million people, a stable business environment and enabling legal framework for enterprises to thrive, is offering business opportunities for foreign investment, and has become the ideal destination for many of world's leading corporations.

Viet Nam continues to be an attractive destination for international tourists. It is trulya land of miracles with heart touching landscapes and rich cultural heritages. A country with a history that goes back thousands or years, a nation with strong identity and traditional values, a home to 8 world natural and cultural heritages and 12 intangible cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO, Viet Namis in the midst of a tourism boom, with 13 million foreign visitors arriving in 2017 and expected to welcome up to 20 million foreign visitors by 2020.

2.Pursuing a foreign policy of independent, self-reliant for peace, cooperation and development through diversification and multilateralization of external relations and proactive international integration, Viet Nam has recorded significant achievements after three decades of reform. Viet Nam is not only a reliable friend and partner of all countries but also an active and responsible member, initiating important initiatives at multilateral forums of high influence such as ASEAN, United Nations, APEC, ASEM, Mekong sub-region cooperation mechanism etc. Viet Nam now is running for anon-permanent membership of the UN Security Council for the term 2020-2021 as a sole candidate of the Asia-Pacific Group.

3. Viet Nam and Indonesia has a long and traditional relationship. The similarity of culture, the history of struggle for independence, and the coordination of common views in various regional and international forums, are important foundation of Viet Nam – Indonesia Strategic Partnership, which was signed in 2013, marking a new era of enhanced cooperation in various fields.

Since the establishment of our Strategic Partnership in June 2013, both Viet Nam and Indonesia have successfully implemented an Action Plan for the years 2014 to 2018 in various areas such as political and diplomatic dialogue, economic cooperation, security and defense cooperation, as well as promotion of tourism, culture exchanges and people to people contacts. We developed close cooperation in a wide range of areas and coordination in major international and regional issues and now we are waiting for a next Action Plan for the years 2019 to 2023 to be signed during the visit of President Joko Widodo to Viet Nam in early September. The two sides are determined to set the target to raise bilateral trade to 10 billion US dollars by 2020. This first State visit to Viet Nam by President Joko Widodo, together with coming visit to Indonesia by Vietnamese Prime Minister in October this year will certainly be the driving force for our bilateral cooperation and will yield important dividends for both of our countries in the near future.

4. As the new Ambassador of Viet Nam to Indonesia, I am honoured to have a privilege to contribute to the traditional relationship established by President Ho Chi Minh and President Soekarno and constantly consolidated by the hard work of generations of leaders and people of Viet Nam and Indonesia, including contributions of many of us here today. I pledge myself to do my utmost and cooperate closely with you to further deepen and enlarge these relations and bring them to new levels and heights.

In the solemn atmosphere of today's Anniversary, with a glimpse of Vietnamese cultures broughtby the musical performances and beautiful art works of artists from Viet Nam and original Vietnamese dishes made by the Vietnamese chefs, may I propose a toast:  

May the leaders of Viet Nam and Indonesia be in the best of health!

May the Strategic Partnership between the two countries grow stronger, more effective and extensive!

I thank you./.


  ​​  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ​​​